Sunday, December 27, 2015

Awake and Refreshed

Hello everybody, my name is Phil Beck, owner of Phil Beck Designs (obvious). In the past my designs were placed in a grouping (for lack of a better term) called DDragon60 Studios (not obvious).

With the recent writer opening at Hockey Jersey Concepts, and my departure from the New York Islanders  department of community relations, I have decided that there is no time like the present to reinvent my graphic design work and my writing.

Having taken a class in sport media at Farmingdale State, I have improved my writing ability to the point  where my professor said that I should become a professional sports journalist. Therefore the best way to get some work is to keep writing and keep writing. So that's why I am applying.

The best advice I ever got about media careers came from the Sklar Brothers on the Jay and Dan Podcast: The best thing nowadays with the internet is that if something of yours exists, wherever it may be, it is still useful. Therefore by writing there I hope to step further into my life as a journalist.

As for here, I will use this blog primarily as a storage facility for my artwork, as well as a place to link to my writings on HJC, should I get the position back.

"Wait a minute, get it back? You had it and it went away?" Sort of. I had to leave the writing staff of HJC in 2014 to accept a job with the New York Islanders. Having been laid off from the job, I have decided to return to write for one of my favorite blogs, and add to some of the writing work to bolster my resume in hopes of turning professional.

So there you have it. My return is official, the rebrand is done and I will be looking forward to writing for HJC again. I'll occasionally post concepts here too for your viewing pleasure.

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